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Create Your Own Intel Celeron Palm-Size Media Center / Work Station
Create Your Own Intel Celeron Palm-Size Media Center / Work Station

Product ID

Mfg:   MyTeknology
Mfg. Part #:   WIZARDMC0D
Our. Part #:   MT-WIZARDMC0D

Product Pricing
$ 222.89

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Product Overview

Create your own pocket-size computer system.
This wizard lets you design an incredibly small computer system / media center PC that you can hold in the palm of your hand.  Using Intel's latest micro technology, this system measures only 115mm x 111mm x 51.6mm yet it's powered by a Intel Celeron J4005 2.7GHz dual-core processor and boast a built-in Intel HD Graphics 600 video graphics controller with dual HDMI (2.0a) video ports and 7.1 digital surround sound audio playback.   You can place this system practically anywhere and get desktop performance without the chunky chassis.  The ideal choice for clients seeking a lower priced computer system for playback of digital content in their boardroom, home theatre, kitchens, and portable applications like that of a boat, RV, or Motorhome.   Choose from up to 8GB of memory, and up to 2TB of storage (SSD solid state drive or electromechanical.  (BOXNUC7CJYH1 / NUC7CJYH )

Please allow up to 5 days for system assembly and testing (subject to parts availability).

Product Bundle $ 222.89

Main System
Intel Next Unit Computer Quantity Amount
The Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is a tiny 115mm x 111mm x 51mm full computer with a built-in Intel dual-core processor and high-performance graphics. Its ultra-low power consumption enables innovative system designs and energy-efficient applications in places like digital signage, home entertainment, and portable uses.  You can even use your NUC as as standard work station!

    Standard features include...

  • Superior processing and graphics Visibly smart graphics using the Intel Celeron J4005 dual-core processor with built-in Intel HD Graphics 600 graphics controller deliver amazing performance and visually stunning graphics to the two 2.0a compliant HDMI ports.
  • 2.5" internal drive support allowing for either a solid state or conventional electromechical drive up to 2TB in size. 
  • Four USB 3.0 ports 2x front, 2x rear
  • Consumer Infrared Rx Sensor.
  • External DC low-wattage power adapter.
  • Built-in gigabit LAN.
  • Built-in dual-band 802.11AC WiFi
  • Built-in dual mode Bluetooth 5.0
  • Built-in SDXC slot with UHS-I support
  • Three year Intel directly warranty.

Click here to visit the Intel support page for this NUC


Intel NUC NUC7CJYH Barebone System - Mini PC - Intel Celeron J4005 1  
The NUC can support up to 8GB of memory using it's dual SODIMM memory slot.
Crucial 4GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module
None Subtract 28.62
Hard Drive (solid state or electromechanical)
Kingston KC600 256 GB Solid State Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 57.21
Kingston KC600 512 GB Solid State Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 85.46
Kingston KC600 1 TB Solid State Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 146.19
Western Digital Blue WD3200LPCX 320 GB Hard Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 62.09
Western Digital Blue WD10SPZX 1 TB Hard Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 57.20
WD Black 2.5-inch 1TB Performance Hard Drive 1 Add 89.00
WD Blue WD20NPVZ 2 TB Hard Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 177.16
Seagate FireCuda ST2000LX001 2 TB Hard Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA/600) 1 Add 127.67
External Optical Drive
A external USB optical drive is required if you wish to install your own applications or operating system. It is not required if your purchase the operating with the system as we'll install it for you.
Asus SDRW-08D2S-U External DVD-Writer - Retail Pack - for PC, Mac and Laptop 1 Add 34.64
Configuration & Warranty
This system includes MyTeknology assembly and testing service. All parts are warranteed by their manufacturers... in most cases for three years from the date from purchase.
My Teknology System Assembly & Testing (Level 0) 1  
Manufacturer's Warranty 1  
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit - License - 1 License 1 Add 139.10
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - License - 1 License 1 Add 187.66
Productivity Package
Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student - Box Pack - 1 PC/Mac - NA/PR/TT Only Medialess 1 Add 157.92
Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business - Box Pack - NA/PR/TT Only Medialess 1 Add 288.89
Microsoft Office 365 2019 Personal - Subscription - 1 User, 1 PC/Mac - 1 Year 1 Add 59.64
Microsoft Office 365 Home - Subscription - Up to 6 PC/Mac, Up to 6 User - 1 Year 1 Add 108.01
Microsoft 365 Business Standard - Box Pack - 1 User - 1 Year 1 Add 167.98
Keyboards & Mice
This section contains a selection of tested keyboards and mice with suitable range to work with this system in most environments including bedrooms, living rooms, home theaters, and conference rooms. Other products be be available outside of this wizard on our website.
Logitech wired keyboard & optical mouse 1 Add 29.95
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 850 1 Add 30.52
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 850 - English 1 Add 35.32
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard & Mouse 1 Add 45.92
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 1 Add 52.18
Logitech MK320 2.4 GHz Wireless Desktop Set 1 Add 54.75
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3050 1 Add 60.08
Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 1 Add 71.97
Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop 1 Add 86.96